About us

Formobile Solutions Sp. z o.o. company was founded in Poland in year 1999. Our team has huge experience in mobile telephony and IT business. We have deep know how. Today, after many years of activity, our company achieved strong position on Poland’s market in distribution of mobile phones, smartphones, mobile internet devices, modems, routers, GPS navigation devices and many GSM accessories. Main brands witch we offer are: Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Bose, Toshiba, Go Pro and many others. Our mission is to offer our customers newest, the most advanced and the most attractive mobile telephony and consumer electronics products.

Company Perspectives

The market on which we operate grows significantly. It caused high dynamics of company’s growth. Trying to satisfy our client’s needs, but also treating them as our capital, Formobile is instantly seeking the opportunities to expand its brands range. This allows us to be not only the major smartphones supplier, but also to provide our clients with many other top brands products. We are going also to introduce in the nearest future many new products, especially from consumer electronics products group and latest technological achievements.

Our Clients

Our clients include big and well know chain stores with consumer electronics, GSM network operators, independent dealers and traders, and also many big corporate customers all over Poland. We create our distribution system for all listed above for their effective market performance and organized way of purchasing goods from us.

Our Goals

The domain of Hi-tech products distribution is well known to us. Thanks to our and our Partners experience, we know how to manage business processes so they will give highest profits to both sides of transaction. We supply not only goods, but also full technical solutions providing attractive way of business cooperation. Satisfaction of our Clients is the most important factor stimulating company’s growth. Aiming at constant progress in quality of service provided to our Clients, our Management decided that providing permanent supervision and constant improvement of these processes is necessary. The result of these decision was adoption of quality control system, which helps us to achieve our goal to become the leader in all areas our activity.

How do we achieve it?

We base our business activity on building strict contact witch our Partners, where understanding for their interests and connecting them with our goals is top priority. In practice this means very close relations and individual approach to our Partners.

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